Tasting the best that Bromont has to offer

If you’ve already spent time in Bromont, you know that it’s full of wonderful shops and restaurants with high quality products on offer. While laying the groundwork for Arborescence, we’ve also gotten to know the town’s businesses. We recently decided to partner with some of them as part of an exciting week-long discovery initiative!

Nearly 2000 local treats served

When we approached local businesses with our idea to celebrate the fine flavours of Bromont, a dozen entrepreneurs eagerly got on board. Each of them chose a day between December 20 and January 2 to surprise their customers with a free treat, courtesy of Arborescence Bromont. Some delighted customers got to learn about our project while sampling a cannoli, date square, energy ball, herbal tea or beer. We’d like to thank all the businesses that participated in the project, including: Maison Buon Appetito, L’Apothicaire, Chardo, Edgar Hyperlodge, Spa Balnéa, WowMoms World, Johanne et Vincent orchard, Maison Oléa, Les Désirables Gâteries, Marché Lambert et frères, L’Étrier and Gaïa.

Discover the joy of living at Arborescence, an eco-friendly development on the side of Bromont Mountain. Just five minutes away from town, it offers the perfect balance between nature and culture—and endless opportunities to savour the best things in life.

You might be interest by:

You might be interest by:

Saturday, visit a Phase 3 unit as it's being built

Phase 3 will be delivered this spring, just as the trees start budding!

Coffee and hot chocolate on Sunday, November 5

Check out Bromont Mountain's natural landscape and wildlife before snow blankets the area!

Immerse yourself in nature starting in Spring 2024

Did you know that Arborescence's prime location gives you direct access to trails for hiking?