Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A non-exhaustive list of questions and answers to help you make an informed choice about your investment. If you have any other questions, our sales team will be happy to answer them.


Site plan

The site plan is available here.


LEED certification

Arborescence is an eco-responsible project aiming for LEED V4 certification.



You can personalize your home by choosing your preferred finishes with help from our designer. Additional charges may apply.


Storage space

Each unit comes with a storage locker located in the indoor parking garage.



Heated indoor parking is included with the purchase of a unit. A common outdoor parking lot is available to guests.


Can I buy a second parking spot?

Yes. Depending on availability, you’ll be given the opportunity to add a second parking spot when selecting your options.


Miscellaneous inclusions

  • Primary heating source: electric baseboards
  • Wall-mounted heat pump for air conditioning and auxiliary heating
  • The indoor parking spot included with each unit comes pre-wired for an EV charging station. The Arborescence Bromont team can advise you on charging station suppliers and installers.
  • Quartz countertops in kitchens
  • High-quality kitchen cabinets
  • Gas fireplace
  • Concrete floors for superior soundproofing
  • Hybrid windows
  • Engineered wood floors
  • Recessed lighting included
  • Shower with acrylic base, ceramic wall and glass door


General rules

  • Hot tubs are permitted on ground-level patios.
  • No more than two pets per unit (one dog maximum). 
  • Pets must not inconvenience other co-owners.
  • Propane and charcoal BBQs are prohibited. Only BBQs connected to the building’s gas supply are permitted. Gas connections for BBQs are available as an option.


Recreational areas

The recreational areas will be built once 150 units have been sold and delivered.


Ceiling height

9+ feet


Room size

The floor plans indicate the gross square footage of each room. The net square footage may vary by 5% to 10%.

The total surface area and room dimensions indicated on the plans are approximate and subject to change without notice. The gross square footage of each unit includes half of the party walls and the exterior walls.

  • How can I access the Des Merisiers sale?
    • Sales process:
      •     Go to the Floor Plans webpage starting August 5 at 12 p.m.
      •     Click the Sale button to purchase a $4,000 access pass via PayPal (Refundable if you don’t buy a unit)
      •     Book an appointment with the sales team. The earlier you book your appointment, the better your chances of getting the unit you want. Unit selection priority is based on the order of the appointments. 
      • Tell the sales team about your preferences and review the remaining available units during your sales appointment.


  • Is the number of sales appointments limited?
    • Yes. The number of available appointments is limited. Access to the sale will close once all appointment time slots have been reserved. Unit selection priority will be based on the order of the appointments.


  • Can I book an appointment if I don’t have a PayPal account?
    • Yes. You can make the purchase directly, without creating an account. You can become a PayPal member if you want to take advantage of PayPal’s services.


  • Am I guaranteed a unit if I reserve a sales appointment?
    • No. Booking a sales appointment guarantees that you’ll get to meet with the sales team. They’ll let you know which units are still available at the time of your appointment. Check the Floor Plans webpage often to see which units are still available.


  • I didn’t get a confirmation email after booking a sales appointment.
    •    After booking a sales appointment, you’ll receive three emails: one from PayPal confirming your purchase, one from Calendly confirming your appointment, and one from Arborescence ([email protected]) inviting you to select your preferred units
    • If the emails aren’t in your Spam folder, contact our team at [email protected]
    • If you didn’t receive these emails, check your Spam folder. It could take a few minutes for the emails to come through, depending on your Internet connection.


  • What’s the next step after I book my sales appointment?
    • You’ll receive an email from Arborescence ([email protected]) asking you to select your preferred units on our website. Your choices will help us prepare for your meeting with the sales team. Please note that selected units are not reserved for you.


  • How do I select my preferred units?
    • Once your deposit has been paid, you’ll get an email from Arborescence inviting you to select your preferred units. Here’s how to do it:
      • Click the unique link provided in the deposit confirmation email. This will open a special page on the Arborescence website. Please note that the link is for your exclusive use only and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
      • After reviewing the floor plans, you can select up to 5 units that suit your needs.
      • To select a unit, click the “Add to my selection” button. Once you’ve finished selecting all your preferred units, click the “Submit my selections” button.
      • We’ll send you an email to confirm that we received your selections.


  • Can I reserve more than one unit when I meet with the sales team?
    • No. Since there’s so much interest in Arborescence, we’ve established a limit of one unit per customer. If there are still units available after the pre-sale event, you’ll have the chance to purchase a second unit.


  • Can I cancel my sales appointment and get my deposit back?
    • Yes. If you’d like to cancel your appointment, please notify our team by sending an email to [email protected] at least 24 hours before the meeting. We will fully refund your initial deposit within 10 business days of your request.


  • Can I cancel my contract and get the $4,000 deposit back once the preliminary contract has been signed?
    • Yes. You can cancel your purchase within 10 days of signing the preliminary contract. To do so, you must notify our team by sending an email to [email protected] We will fully refund your initial deposit within 10 business days.
  • Do taxes apply to the purchase price for new properties?
    • Yes. Both GST and QST apply. However, you may qualify for rebates if you are a Canadian resident and the property will be your primary residence, or if it is being purchased for a relative. Click here for more information.


  • Can I choose my mortgage lender?
    • Yes. We recommend choosing a mortgage specialist from a major Canadian financial institution. However, you are free to seek financing from other sources. Please note that you must provide confirmation of financing or availability of funds from a Canadian financial institution. This documentation must be provided in English or French.


  • Is my purchase protected?
    • Yes. The units will be delivered under the new Garantie des bâtiments résidentiels neufs (new residential building warranty) plan. This plan covers the real estate development and provides you with a guarantee that we’ll meet our obligations.

Terms and conditions:

  • 5% of the sale price (after taxes) minus the $4,000 deposit taken to book a sales appointment is due when the contract is signed.
  • 5% of the sale price (after taxes) is due when the foundations are poured.
  • 5% of the sale price (after taxes) is due when the roof is installed.

GCR contracts will be signed at the time of signing the preliminary contracts. Under the GCR rules, all deposits are guaranteed up to $50,000. Any deposits exceeding $50,000 are deposited in the trust account of the notary.


Arborescence Bromont offers a turnkey property management and rental program.

Let us know which months your unit will be available for rent (rentals of one month or more) and we’ll take care of the rest!

The City of Bromont’s municipal regulations do not allow rentals of less than 31 days.

Arborescence Bromont’s management service includes:

  • A transactional website with easy online bookings and a real-time calendar
  • Promotion of Arborescence’s rental units

More details on this program to follow.


Phase 3

  • Walking distance from the Pommier building to C1 path: 25 m
  • Walking distance from the Pin building to C1 path: 25 m
  • Walking distance from the Peuplier building to C1 path: 135 m
  • Walking distance from the Genévrier building to C1 path: 175 m

Phase Des Merisiers

  • Walking distance from the Merisier A building to C1 path: 280 m
  • Walking distance from the Merisier B building to C1 path: 250 m
  • Walking distance from the Merisier C building to C1 path: 190 m
  • Walking distance from the Merisier D building to C1 path: 160 m
  • Walking distance from the Merisier E building to C1 path: 240 m
  • Walking distance from the Merisier F building to C1 path: 175 m

Download the plan