L’Apothicaire: Serving steaming cups of comfort.

Have you ever strolled along Shefford Street in downtown Bromont to check out the quaint storefronts or visit some of the local shops?

L’Apothicaire is a long-standing fixture in the area. Established more than 15 years ago, it is now owned by Nathalie Labonté, a former Air Transat professional who made a career change after discovering her passion for aromatherapy. She left her home in the Laurentians to take over the shop, which specializes in teas, herbal infusions, bulk spices and natural body care products.

Arborescence is proud to have L’Apothicaire as a partner and to serve their teas at our events. Everyone behind our eco-friendly condo development firmly believes in supporting local businesses.

Spice and serenity

As soon as you enter the warm, colourful boutique, you’ll be greeted with the scent of sage, cinnamon, thyme, saffron and paprika. It’s sure to open your appetite for discovery! Nathalie is always there to welcome visitors and provide information about her products. When we were there, she explained that all her herbal tea and spice blends are made and packaged on site.

The shop owner’s top priority is promoting natural wellness. For her, this means selecting each product with care and providing customers with personalized advice.

What’s the difference between white and green tea?

Green tea: More bitter than white tea. It is fermented, but just a little bit. Green tea offers fruity notes, flowery aromas and a slightly cloudy green colour.

White tea: Air-dried with little processing. It is made with young leaves and buds that are still covered in fuzz when picked. Don’t be surprised if you see a puff of small particles rise when you open your bag! White tea has a more delicate flavour than green tea. It is more flowery and has a very light colour, a little like champagne. White tea is low in caffeine.

What’s the difference between regular tea and herbal tea?
(The answer is surprisingly straightforward!)

Herbal tea is made with ingredients that are naturally caffeine-free. Regular tea is made with tea leaves that contain caffeine.

In addition to products made with leaves and spices, L’Apothicaire also sells eco-friendly and reusable items that reflect the owner’s concern for the environment. You’ll find things like silicone straws, bee’s wax food wrap and cotton bags for storing salad greens and potatoes.












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