Something new is coming!

At KnightsBridge, we think it’s important to remain open to new opportunities. And we’re very pleased because there are potential additions on the horizon that could dramatically improve your enjoyment of Arborescence all year long!

On top of the heated outdoor pool, hot tub, tennis court, winter slides and children’s play structures, we may have the chance to include some additional infrastructure on the project. Since reviewing these options takes time, we have decided to postpone the official launch until the end of summer. Our goal is to make Arborescence even better!

Enjoy the summer and everything it has to offer. We will unveil the new additions just before the leaves change colour.

You might be interest by:

You might be interest by:

Sunsets, raspberries and mountain condos!

We stopped by Arborescence’s Phase 1 construction site to snap a few pictures of the project.

Arborescence stands in solidarity with the Bromont community

Arborescence makes a $20,000 donation to Centre Marguerite-Dubois.

Arborescence Bromont selects Gestion Terrart as its prime contractor

Gestion Terrart will begin construction of the condos in March 2020.