KnightsBridge is proud to unveil the name of its latest project: Arborescence.

Make the mountains your home.

As a natural refuge nestled into the side of a mountain, Arborescence is much more than just a condo development.

It’s an eco-friendly space defined by sleek Scandinavian design. With a limited number of units, Arborescence is thoughtfully integrated into the pristine surroundings.

Discover our tennis court, pool, spa, direct access to the ski slopes and mountain biking trails.

Seek refuge in the heart of the forest,within a development that’s evergreen against the backdrop of the changing seasons.

You might be interest by:

You might be interest by:

Saturday, visit a Phase 3 unit as it's being built

Phase 3 will be delivered this spring, just as the trees start budding!

Coffee and hot chocolate on Sunday, November 5

Check out Bromont Mountain's natural landscape and wildlife before snow blankets the area!

Immerse yourself in nature starting in Spring 2024

Did you know that Arborescence's prime location gives you direct access to trails for hiking?