Set your sights higher on the Kamloops run

To celebrate spring and our mountain refuge condo project, we’ve carefully installed 100 bird’s nests on the trees along the Kamloops run at Bromont Mountain. It’s a great example of KnightsBridge’s commitment to the environment. The birdhouses we made in collaboration with the woodworking shop New Liverpool and designs by JesK.

“Instead of putting up signs to advertise Arborescence, we wanted to do something unique, sustainable and environmentally friendly. We got tips from an ornithologist to ensure that the black-capped chickadees and house wrens would enjoy beautiful homes featuring one-of-a-kind architectural features—just like our condo units,”

– Simon Boyer, KnightsBridge Cofounder.

You might be interest by:

You might be interest by:

Saturday, visit a Phase 3 unit as it's being built

Phase 3 will be delivered this spring, just as the trees start budding!

Coffee and hot chocolate on Sunday, November 5

Check out Bromont Mountain's natural landscape and wildlife before snow blankets the area!

Immerse yourself in nature starting in Spring 2024

Did you know that Arborescence's prime location gives you direct access to trails for hiking?