Here are a few bird species that you might spot while walking in Bromont. Do any look familiar?

In Bromont, walking trails are popular with locals, visitors—and birds! Keep an eye out for fine feathered friends as you wander down the paths. If you go up the mountain, stop for a minute to listen to the soothing bird sounds in the forest.

Nearly a year ago, Arborescence put up bird houses in the trees along Bromont Mountain’s Kamloops trail to highlight the project’s commitment to sustainable development. We left food intended to appeal to black-capped chickadees and house wrens, two species we wanted to attract to the mountain.

Here are a few other bird species that you might spot while walking in Bromont. Do any look familiar?

  • Red-headed woodpecker: This species is considered threatened in Quebec and endangered in Canada.
  • Short-eared owl: This species is rare around Bromont, but it sometimes stops in fields or wetlands.
  • Golden-winged warbler: This species can be found in scrubby fields and near flooded areas, like around beaver dams. Its numbers are declining in Quebec, where it is considered threatened.
  • Horned grebe: This species can be seen in the Eastern Townships during the fall migration. It is considered threatened in Quebec.
  • Black tern: This species sometimes nests at Boivin Lake and in the summer it is often spotted in Île du Marais, Bromont, Magog, Aylmer Lake and Weedon Lake. It arrives in early May and leaves in early September.

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