Eco-friendly, from the roots up

Carefully nestled in the side of the mountain, Arborescence is an environmentally friendly project targeting LEED certification. We’ve looked at every detail to preserve and protect the surrounding ecosystem and forest.

What does LEED involve?

+ Longer lifespan than a standard building
+ More sustainable systems
+ A healthier and more comfortable space for occupants
+ Better management of resources and raw materials
– Less waste sent to landfills
– Lower water, power and natural resource consumption
– Decreased transportation needs through the use of local materials
– Fewer VOCs thanks to more environmentally friendly paint and better air circulation

LEED certified condos offer the following short-, medium- and long-term benefits to owners and the planet.

> Better resale value
> More affordable maintenance
> Various subsidies available
> Discount on insurance (through certain providers)
> Lower energy bills all year long thanks to better thermal insulation and airtightnes

You might be interest by:

You might be interest by:

Saturday, visit a Phase 3 unit as it's being built

Phase 3 will be delivered this spring, just as the trees start budding!

Coffee and hot chocolate on Sunday, November 5

Check out Bromont Mountain's natural landscape and wildlife before snow blankets the area!

Immerse yourself in nature starting in Spring 2024

Did you know that Arborescence's prime location gives you direct access to trails for hiking?