A tree for a tree!

Delicately nestled into the mountainside, Arborescence is an eco-friendly project that is aiming for LEED certification.

Extensive effort has gone into ensuring minimal impact on the local ecosystem and preserving as much forest cover as possible. While we’ve planned our construction footprint to minimize deforestation, Arborescence is also committed to planting a seedling in Bromont for every tree that’s cut for the project.

Our construction team will be guided by technical deforestation plans, our forest engineer’s strategy and our biologist’s report. Specifically, the site team will be responsible for:

  • Preserving key trees within the construction area that will serve to protect other trees
  • Implementing measures, such as erecting barriers around tree trunks, to protect trees on the site and within the construction area
  • Ensuring that no material or equipment is stored under trees

Tree pruning debris will be sent off-site for reuse (composting, recycling, energy source, etc.) to give the material a second life and make sure less waste is sent to landfills.

In addition, in February 2018 we installed 100 bird houses with one-of-a-kind architectural features—just like Arborescence—along the Kamloops Trail to highlight the project’s commitment to sustainable development.

We even consulted an ornithologist to ensure that the new homes would be suitable for the local black-capped chickadees and house wrens.


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