Arborescence, only 5 minutes from Bromont Village

When it comes to simple pleasures, Bromont’s got it all!
This is where nature and culture come together to provide you with a thousand and one opportunities to enjoy life.

Just 5 minutes from Arborescence, you’ll find:

Grocery stores, bakeries, an SAQ outlet, a spa, equestrian centres, golf courses, arts and crafts shops, gourmet restaurants and sports facilities.


You might be interest by:

You might be interest by:

Sunsets, raspberries and mountain condos!

We stopped by Arborescence’s Phase 1 construction site to snap a few pictures of the project.

Arborescence stands in solidarity with the Bromont community

Arborescence makes a $20,000 donation to Centre Marguerite-Dubois.

Arborescence Bromont selects Gestion Terrart as its prime contractor

Gestion Terrart will begin construction of the condos in March 2020.