Meet Korine and Érik, the interior designers at Arborescence

Érik Maillé has earned his share of headlines. You may have seen him on TV (in the shows Marie-Mai, Déco Top Chrono and Des idées de grandeur) or read about him in any number of publications. 

Arborescence brought in the well-known designer’s team to help buyers customize their units. We interviewed Érik along with Korine Chiasson to find out which aspects of the project inspired them and to get a better idea of how they work. Korine has been with Érik Maillé Design for nearly 10 years. She’s an interior designer by trade, as well as the project manager and the client services representative for the unit customization at Arborescence. 

1- Why was your team interested in working with Arborescence?

Since Arborescence is a unique real estate development located in a dream environment, it’s quite inspiring. And the scope of the project also makes it an exciting challenge for us. Arborescence is different from our other projects in that it will span several years and give us the opportunity to have a significant impact on a lot of homes. 

2- What are your interior design inspirations?

Our primary inspiration is nature. It’s always present in our concepts. At Arborescence, the mountain views are sure to steal the show! So to understand occupants’ needs and create a comfortable atmosphere, we imagined what it would be like to live in these mountain condos. 

3- How did you come up with the three design concepts for Arborescence?

Each of the three concepts evokes nature in its own way. But to make sure there was something for everyone, we developed some more refined esthetics and some more colourful ones. “La Grange” has a more wintry feel with shades of grey and deep blue.  “L’Après-ski” is more festive with a mint green kitchen and touches of cognac-coloured leather.  “Le Scandinave” will appeal to people looking for a warm, peaceful environment.

4- How did you select the materials for each concept? 

The main idea was to bring nature inside, in a way that would make you feel enveloped by it. That’s why we focused on high-quality natural materials, like wood and stone. We also made a point of choosing materials that are easy to maintain.  

5- Why do you offer Arborescence buyers a selection of furniture?

A lot of buyers simply don’t have the time or expertise to shop for furniture. Many wanted a turnkey offer that included home furnishings. So we’re available to take care of it all, right down to the bed sheets! Homeowners who go this route know they’ll save time, get items that fit the room size and are made to last. They also find it reassuring to know that the space will be tastefully decorated with a look that flows throughout the unit. People want their condo to be welcoming, comfortable and stylish.

6- What does Érik Maillé Design offer future owners? 

We can help them choose the right finishes, furniture and window treatments. We spend 4 hours with them to explore their preferences and explain the differences between the concepts. Good interior design makes all the difference! It’s also really important for your living space to be compatible with your lifestyle. By taking the time to plan it properly, you’ll get a lot more enjoyment from the space.

To read more about the firm and see their portfolio, visit the Érik Maillé Design website.

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